World Drowning Prevention Day - July 25, 2021

A national focal point for drowning prevention: Take Pang's water safety challenge.

"Pang's water safety challenge"

Individually, we cannot save the world. However, as individuals we can do, at least, one thing to support drowning prevention. It takes only one act to save a life.

Learn CPR/First-Aid or Provide Free Courses

Enroll and take a friend to a CPR/First Aid class. Pay for someone else to attend a CPR/First Aid class.

Learn to Swim

Take water safety and swim lessons. It's never too soon or too late to learn. Swim lessons make the perfect gift for birthdays and during the holidays.


Volunteer for local hospitals , drowning prevention organizations, or where you are needed. Contact school administration to add this life skill to it's curriculum. Involve local legislators.

The First Splish Splash

Water Safety Children's Book for ages 3 -12 - captivating the hearts of all ages

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    The First Splish Splash

    Lotta D. Todd channeled her love for the water into a career that shares her lifelong passion with others. As an educator in the field of swimming and aquatics, she has created opportunities to improve the quality of life for local families. Today, she has channeled her mission to promote water safety into a literary career that will educate and, in turn, save lives. The Colorado native was an avid swimmer who earned her Water Safety Instructor certification to become a swim instructor and lifeguard. Todd was determined to bring her knowledge to new members of her community. In 2005, she founded a learn-to-swim program that provided free water safety and swim lessons to inner-city children who otherwise may not have had access to these resources. Todd then acquired her Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO). However, Todd recognized a new need for her expertise. She relocated to Arizona, a state that suffered high rates of drowning in recreational and residential pools. Her thriving organization helps the community raise awareness for water safe practices and provides swim lessons for local children and adults. Todd is currently a member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance and Drowning Prevention Coalition in Arizona, and volunteers for Phoenix Children’s Hospital. She partners with organizations such as Yaya’s Halo, Pool Safely, USA Swimming, The Salt River Project (SRP), and local retailers to continue to spread her message of water safety awareness and provide accessible swim lessons for everyone. After two decades working alongside countless students, she is excited to share her latest project. The First Splish Splash was released in July 2021, the first of her upcoming series of children’s books intended to help educate families and children on how to stay safe in and around water. Pang the Penguin’s Water Safety and Pool Adventure Series will highlight the importance of aquatic safety through fun, exciting, and relatable pool adventures. With each of Pang’s adventures, Todd’s readers will gain a deeper understanding of safe water practices to prevent aquatic injuries and potential fatalities. In her 20-year career as an instructor, Todd has instilled the skills of swimming and the importance of water safety on over 3,000 students. While she enjoys using her spare time to cycle, cook, and spend time in nature with her family and friends, her true passion is the water. Lotta Todd has transformed this passion to be an educator, community leader, author, and creator to bring her message and mission to the world.