World Drowning Prevention Day - July 25, 2021

A national focal point for drowning prevention: Take Pang's water safety challenge.

"Pang's water safety challenge"

Individually, we cannot save the world. However, as individuals we can do, at least, one thing to support drowning prevention. It takes only one act to save a life.

Learn CPR/First-Aid or Provide Free Courses

Enroll and take a friend to a CPR/First Aid class. Pay for someone else to attend a CPR/First Aid class.

Learn to Swim

Take water safety and swim lessons. It's never soon or too late to learn. Donate to a free learn to swim program. Gift swim lesson to someone else.


Volunteer for local hospitals , drowning prevention organizations, or where you are needed. Contact school administration to add this life skill to curriculum. Involve local legislators.

The First Splish Splash

Water Safety Children's Book for ages 3 -12 - captivating the hearts of all ages

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    The First Splish Splash

    Lotta D. Todd has 20 years of experience in the aquatic industry. She owns and operates a water safety and learn to swim school in Arizona. She is also a certified Aquatic Facility Operator (AFO). Todd is skilled as a Lifeguard, Swim Coach, and Instructor who has taught 3,000 students. She is a member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance and Drowning Prevention Coalition in Arizona. Todd volunteers for Phoenix Children's Hospital and partners with USA Swimming, Pool Safely, Yaya’s Halo, and several local retailers to promote water safety awareness and swim lessons for everyone.