Pang the Penguin Presents The First Splish Splash

The First Splish-Splash children’s book is the first book of Pang the Penguin’s Water Safety and Pool Adventure Series. Overall, this series teaches water safety lessons through Pang and friends’ fun and relatable pool adventures.

The narratives demonstrate the overall importance of preventing injuries and fatalities at the pool and around water.  It is an inspirational and enjoyable read for all ages. Pang’s series educates and encourages a fun and safe environment for everyone to enjoy.

Link to the trailer for the First Splish Splash.

Author’s Bio:

Lotta D. Todd is an avid swimmer with 20 years of experience in the aquatics industry, she has skills as an Aquatics Facility Operator (AFO), Swim Coach and Instructor, Lifeguard.  She is also a member of the National Drowning Prevention Alliance and Drowning Prevention Coalition in Arizona. She volunteers at Phoenix Children’s Hospital, and partners with Pool Safely as well as several prevalent retailers in the Arizona area to promote water safety awareness and swim lessons for everyone. She has taught 3,000 students and advocates for diversity in aquatics.


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